Epsilon- CVD Tester

Introducing the cutting-edge Diamond Tester Epsilon, your ultimate solution for accurate and reliable diamond authentication.


Accurate Results in Seconds

Equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms, Epsilon effortlessly distinguishes between synthetic diamonds and natural ones. Its ability to detect the telltale characteristics of CVD and HPHT-grown diamonds is unparalleled, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions when buying or selling diamonds.

Designed with user convenience in mind, Epsilon features a sleek and intuitive interface. Its compact size allows for easy portability, making it the perfect companion for professionals on the go. With a user-friendly display and straightforward controls, anyone can confidently operate this device, eliminating the need for extensive training.

Types of gemstones


CVD, or Chemical Vapor Deposition, stones are a type of lab-grown diamonds that are produced using advanced technology.CVD diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment in a relatively short period of time.

CVD stone CVD stone color

Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's mantle over millions of years through a natural process involving immense heat and pressure. They are composed of carbon atoms arranged in a crystal lattice structure, giving them their renowned hardness and brilliance.

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HPHT, or High Pressure High Temperature, refers to a process used to treat natural diamonds to enhance their color and clarity. This technique involves subjecting diamonds to extreme pressure and temperature conditions in a controlled laboratory environment.

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Zirconia stones, also known as cubic zirconia (CZ), are a type of synthetic gemstone that closely resembles a diamond in appearance. They are made from a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and are widely used as diamond substitutes in jewelry.One of the main advantages of zirconia stones is their affordability.

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Moissanite stones are a type of lab-created gemstone that possesses qualities similar to diamonds. They are made from silicon carbide (SiC).Moissanite stones are known for their exceptional brilliance, fire, and clarity. They have a high refractive index, which means they reflect light in a way that creates a dazzling sparkle.

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